Raise The Red Grass in Fresh Water Aquarium
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Raise the red grass well as follows:

Firstly, the grass is the first water, good water quality is the basis of breeding plants, there is no good
foundation behind everything is not established! Weak acidity, PH6.8 or less, the hardness of GH2-8
water quality for all red plants!

Armeniaca mume f. rubriflora
Armeniaca mume f. rubriflora

Secondly, CO2 provides aquatic plants must be carbon source 20_30PPM of CO2 can meet all red water needs!
Adequate CO2 is one of the conditions for indoor breeding of red grass without the need to specifically purchase
CO2 reagent KH value and PH value can be used to calculate the CO2 concentration,
 For example, KH5 PH6.8 CO2
concentration of 22PPM KH 3 PH6.6 CO2 concentration of 21PPM to calculate analogy!

Rotala sp from Araguaia.
Rotala sp from Araguaia.

Thirdly, the following talk about fertilizer! It consists of 16 kinds of essential nutrients, focusing on four kinds of
three kinds of huge elements NPK and a trace element FE
These four elements and the relationship between
the water is very large so that only four of these!

1, nitrogen is the main constituent of the cells, amino acids, proteins, pigments and other components! Lack of old
leaves began to turn yellow pale,
 new leaves become smaller, very slow growth and so on! But as long as the fish
and shrimp and feed the lack of feed is almost the same as the relatively small dense plant!
 Iron is more important
when the nitrogen excess, it will be directly with the water in the carbohydrate assimilation of organic nitrogen,
the use of nitrogen and phosphorus, c
ompeting for the formation of anthocyanins necessary carbohydrates, which
is why even in the light and has been very red water plants put nitrogen fertilizer, a night to red grass green reasons.
So red grass attention to nitrogen fertilizer is very important! 
Mud as a bed 6 months do not need to add any nitrogen!

 Ammannia sp.
 Ammannia sp.


2, phosphorus water grass must be nutrient demand is 9 kinds of huge elements of the penultimate than its demand
is also small and sulfur and silicon cells split the energy reserve material! Lack of growth and development blocked,
mainly showing that the pruning does not take root, which is typical of phosphorus deficiency and is not usually
considered potassium deficiency.

Excessive, leafy hypertrophy, weird color, algae stormy! Phosphorus itself has the effect of promoting saccharides
in aquatic plants, but the chemical properties of phosphorus and the stability of nitrogen vary greatly to lead to the
lack of copper and zinc, but also with the trace element demand ranked first in the iron formation of iron phosphate.

So the general mud as a bed 10 months do not need to add any phosphorus! (Add some shrimp or do not harvest
leaves can basically meet the needs of aquatic plants on phosphorus)


3, potassium water must be nutrient is the only grass can not self-sufficient huge elements so must be added! Best to
add every day or every other day! Potassium promotes carbonic acid assimilation, so that the plants are strong. The
lack of old leaves will be yellow broken, the leaves of the new leaves or leaves turn yellow, the middle dark green,
new buds white! Excessive formation of calcium with anti-knot!


4, iron grass must be nutrient trace element requirements The first is the composition of chlorophyll, with potassium
with a catalytic red flower anthocyanin function! Lack of yellowing from the young leaves, from the tip of the leaves,
leaves the margin to the foliage and veins, serious holes!

Excessive iron poisoning! Root is gray-black, perishable, leading to the difficulty of manganese absorption! And the
combination of potassium dihydrogen phosphate leaves prone to deposition of iron phosphate brown spots!

 Ludwigia repens "rubin"
 Ludwigia repens "rubin"


Adding some fertilizer knowledge:

Ammonia nitrogen absorbs more quickly than nitrogen! More aquatic plants like ammonia nitrogen, but will induce algae
outbreak, so turn off the lights to add ammonia will have surprising effect! Potassium as far as possible do not choose
potassium sulfate and potassium dihydrogen phosphate!

Ludwigia perennis
Ludwigia perennis


The fourth is the most important light! Knowing the light firstly to understand why the red grass will turn red. All red
grass, including (dominant
red grass such as clove butterflies and hidden red grass such as Cross Newton, etc.) of the
leaf color is not constant, and their color will be in accordance with the different periods of different combinations of
cells to determine and change the pigment! There are three kinds of pigments in the plants,
hlorophyll (green or blue-
green) carotenoids, carotenoids are divided into (yellow lutein and orange-red carotene) carotenoids exist in the
is to protect chlorophyll from photooxidation and decomposition of withered, they co-exist in the chloroplast. 
Red water plants in the pigment, there is not necessarily exist, that is, anthocyanins (acidic environment is usually
is the key to red water color, they appear and exist in the cell bubble, used to absorb ultraviolet light, to avoid
damage! The formation of anthocyanins requires several conditions!

Ludwigia inclinata var.
Ludwigia inclinata var. 

Under normal light, the chlorophyll in the leaves is almost free from the probability of photooxidation, so carotenoids
do not need so much, so chlorophyll accounted for the most, the leaves fully green.

In the strong light, chlorophyll by the probability of photo-oxidation rose sharply, so carotenoids accounted for the most,
when the leaves are usually expressed in yellow or orange.

If the strong light contains ultraviolet light, then anthocyanins will appear to protect the chloroplast from damage, (this is
very like a virus or bacteria into the body when the role of white blood cells, so it was red grass hair color called "sick ")

The appearance of anthocyanins, will directly change the leaf color, sugar in the body enough sugar, the leaves will appear
bright red or even purple. This is the reason for red hair color is also an opportunity!

Red water grass and green grass is the biggest difference between the need for more adequate light and must have blue,
ordinary three-color 865 in the blue, the content of relatively professional lamp less (such as hi years Aqua Star, ATI Fiji
purple, etc.) Extended lighting time can make up! (Blue light can be simulated UV, so that marsh marsh to produce
 So choose a light source with blue light spectrum is to develop red grass must! Rather than the use of
red tube or 840 this (high red light output) ignorance and fallacy!