Several Aquarium Lighting Choices for You
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This article has strong subjectivity, I guess you'll have different feeling, benefit from
it or disappoint yourself. Whatever it is ,let you know it.

Unlike the ordinary, give my conclusion firstly:
1, here only say water grass tank light, rather than fish tank, sea water tank.
2, for ordinary players, do not buy what water and grass lights, that is completely a
waste of money. (For high-end players, of course, will use 90% of the funds to pursue
the last 10% increase, this is understandable)

3, playing the biggest purpose of the grass is what? I think there is only one purpose t
hat looks comfortable.

What is it like to look comfortable? In addition to the good state of the grass, that is, and
the color of natural light is the same. The kind of color seems to deviate from the normal
color of the aquatic tank, and the same horror film.

4, do not put the grass with light and plant light to do comparison, Well, is the second
point above.

5, personally think that LED lights are not suitable for the grass tank, LED color now only
65-80, the worst in all light inside Color up to 80 are considered high-end LED. There are
people in order to facilitate the growth of plants, specifically with a blue and red light
source, I think it is a bit tossing people.

6, do not believe that non-professional company's professional lamp, lamp, in fact, most
professional lamp is the color temperature 8000K-10000K or more light source
(please note that most, not all).

Because civil lighting no one with this color of the light source, so it is known as the name
of professional lighting, but this professional is not professional for the aquatic of this

Now cut to the chase.
Q1: what color is the natural light?

One day with the light of different natural light color will be different, we through the color
temperature to describe the color. A variety of color temperature image description below.

(Color temperature diagram)

Sometimes with coordinates to represent the color temperature, the equivalent of a color
temperature map to the specified coordinates to check this color, color temperature map
and the following figure similar. Sometimes in the color temperature of the query when
the light will be used.

Simply say that the color of 3000K-6500K in this range is the color of natural light. (In fact,
the sun is actually yellow, but sometimes the sun is too strong when it seems to be white).
3000K-4200K, partial yellow, 3000K close to the sunrise about 1 hour color, 4200K close
to the evening dusk color. 5000K-6500K, partial white, close to noon daylight color.

So choose the best light to choose a white light source, so that the color of the grass
cylinder looks more natural; if you like the feeling of the evening, you can choose 4200K
color temperature light source. Those 10000K-12000K professional lamp, that color bluish,
according to the grass just inside, the grass looks green, I do not like the 10000K light
under the grass tank, feeling the color is very false. Because the civilian light source is not
the production of more than 8000K light source, so this type of light source was rated as
the name of professional lighting, the result Well, is the price increase. If you use the
aquarium, the price will increase again.

Q2: the current environment of several light source comparison (the corresponding
spectrum see the end of the article)

LED data is not easy to find, the main model is too much. But the main problem is
that the color is poor, affected by the temperature and the light caused by significant
(which is why the requirements of the LED must be good heat). At the same time,
LED brightness and temperature are also related to the temperature rise when the
brightness will decline, while light failure will speed up.

Given the data given by CREE, when the temperature is 85 degrees, 5% light failure is
about 5000 hours, the temperature is 75 degrees, 5% light attenuation of about
8000 hours. (Different manufacturers of different data)

From the LED light principle, LED is not possible to achieve continuous spectrum, so
the color is difficult to significantly improve. (With the LED to raise a lot of people a
lot of grass, there are many inside the forum, we can search for yourself, and I believe
that will be more and more from the spectrum can also provide the energy to the growth
of aquatic plants, I just Think LED is not conducive to watch, and most of the grass with
the LED in the light is not energy, we will artificially increase the number of lamp beads.

With the progress of technology, if over a period of time LED color can easily reach more
than 85, then the LED will become a light source for the grass tank.
(Of course, color is
just a set of indicators, as to whether the distortion of the color to their own subjective
feelings to measure, so good to compare the difference can feel the difference, like the
use of LED, you can try to watch the same lamp under the fluorescent , You can
compare the gap)

Q3: select the elements of the light source

I arranged the order according to my own point of view:
1, color (the more close to the natural light of the original color of the object, it
seems more natural, looks more comfortable) 
What is color-rendering index, simply
say that under the artificial light source, and natural light irradiation under the color
difference, 100 and natural light is exactly the same, the lower the number that
the greater the difference.

2, color temperature (try to choose 5000K-6500K white), if you like the feeling of
dusk, you can choose 4200K light source. 
And try to choose the same color of the
light source, not to raise grass and the kitchen made blossom, so it is not suitable
for their own viewing. 
(Each manufacturer is white, warm white, warm yellow definition
is not the same, so please choose the light source when you pay attention to the
actual color temperature)

3, cost-effective

I recommend you use the light source (in order of priority):
1, metal halide, the provincial place, long life, whether it is from the color or spectral
terms are very suitable for the grass tank, the only drawback is too bright, so the
family as much as possible to use children

2, T8, T5 three primary colors fluorescent tube, cheap, easy to buy, because the
lamp is uniform light, so the light in the entire cylinder will be more uniform than
the metal halide.

3, T5HO, not easy to buy, low cost
4, LED, energy saving, but the color is poor, although the price is down, but the overall
cost is not low, due to the impact of temperature on the light failure, the actual use of
long time lighting, life is not nominal so long. LED single lamp beads because of the
brightness is also high, so the family also have children with less LED.

(Not long ago after the study of the LED, the feeling is not used to look for a long time
that the eyes of pain, and finally back to the ordinary fluorescent)

5, professional lamp, light bile, expensive, is a expensive

At last, for more knowledge of lighting, please refer to the article in the signature.

Attached: The light spectra of several types of light sources mentioned above (which
can also be understood as spectra)