The Second DICI Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2017
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Hong Xu, China Famous Aquarist
□→ Awarded IAPLC 2014 Rank 252

Yong Liu, One of the founder of CAA
□→ Awarded IAPLC 2016 Honor Prize Rank 10
□→ Awarded AGA 2016 Aquatic Garden, 320L or Larger, Bronze Prize
□→ Awarded AGA 2016 Paludarium, Silver Prize 
□→ Awarded IAPLC 2015 Bronze Prize 
□→ Awarded AGA 2015 Paludarium, Rank 10
□→ Awarded IAPLC 2014 Rank 30
□→ Awarded AGA 2014 Paludarium, Glod Prize 

Zhengchun Wang, China famous aquarist
□→ Awarded IAPLC 2012 Rank 249
□→ Awarded IAPLC 2014 Rank 223

Xiaoguang Li, also called Carpenter Li, a professional aquascaper
□□ Set up the first aquascape design shop in Dalian; Cooperating with dozens
    of aquarium brands.

Chen Wu, a professional aquascaper
□□ Owing an aquascape shop; contributing on the research and development
    of aquascaper sector.

Shugang Jin, a professional aquascaper
□□ Since 2000 he came into contactwith aquascape, it became his love. And he
     set up a own shop and open a new course -- Aquascape with Shanghai Ocean

Danmin Li, a famous aquarist
□□ A internal aquascaper leader, achieved great contribution on Shanxi aquascape sector.

Liao Dongliang, a young professional aquarist
□□ Achieving a lot of awards in IAPLC.